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Genuine Revival

Sunday, September 12, 2010 (11:53 am)

by Cal Thomas

In calling for a spiritual revival in America at his Lincoln Memorial rally Aug. 28, talk show host Glenn Beck reached back into history and touched on a familiar theme.

What would a genuine revival look like and how did those that have transformed America several times in the past get started? Earlier revivals were not created from the mobilization of large crowds. They occurred when people did something infrequently observed in modern times: humbled themselves.

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  • Richard Pond

    I recommend reading: “As America Has Done to Israel” By John P. McTernan.
    We are poking God in the eye, when the U.S. makes decisions that hurt Israel!! Katrina was no accident!!
    We forced Israel out of Gaza, just as Hurricane Katrina hit!!! There are 20 more examples in John”s book!!!

  • Richard Pond

    Thank you for your immediate response!!! I join you in praying for our country!!!

  • Richard Pond

    I join you in prayer, that our country will turn back to what the Bible actually says!!!

  • greg

    The problem is that churches around the world and the US have followed prophecy and have gone to bed with the Roman Catholic great whore. This started in a big way with Westcott and Hort and the creation of the “new and improved bible” the Revised Version. The text sources for the RV were from the popish Roman Catholic texts and not the Received text used by the Reformers and those unknowns of the Waldenses, Petrobrutian, Bogomiles and others who were killed by papal servants.

    Scripture tells us that the Bible is our milk and meat. Would you feed your child the best food in the world if it had 0.0001% poison? Our churches have done the same with the additions and removal of Logos in the “newer and easier to read versions” we have now. Copyright laws also introduce errors in the new translations since new copyrights require significant changes from previous texts.

    No wonder our churches are seeking the world rather than God. The “bibles” they are reading and getting preaching from are poisoned. So, can you expect good fruit from a bad tree?

    Episcopal, Lutheran, and Methodist churches long ago, about 10 yrs now, made communion agreements with the Roman Catholic church. Result, there is no difference between any other these four groups in the pulpit. All a priest needs to do to convert from one to the other is sign a paper with no doctrinal statement change. Vatican II, a battle plan not a peace treaty, is well on the way to be worked out.

    Why no revival? I suggest you all read the Chick tract on the subject. How many people actually believe what is preached in the pulpits at all, including preachers? According to Barna, with a 70% drop out rate of youth over about 3 generations, we are left with 2.7% or less of all US professing Christians having a possibility of actually being Christians. We can thank the public school system and churches and parents surrendering their roles to the state for this tragedy.

    Yes, we need revival. Not a Billy Graham type revival, a Billy Sunday or Moody type revival that closes bars and more for lack of business. And we need it soon and nation wide.

    The Tea Party movement is only a secular revival. We need more.

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