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Truth: Farrakhan, Ahmadinejad, Black Panthers and the White House

September 29, 2010

The man who occupies the Oval Office showed the Iranian world just how weak and pensive he is in responding to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks at the United Nations. On a Persian-language BBC satellite channel, the US president characterized Ahmadinejad’s remarks by saying, “It was offensive. It was hateful. And particularly for him to make the statement here in Manhattan, just a little north of ground zero, where families lost their loved ones – people of all faiths, all ethnicities, who see this as the seminal tragedy of this generation – for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable.”

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The Plague of the Halymorpha Halys in our nation’s capitol

September 24, 2010

When the LORD God was trying to convince the Pharaoh of Egypt to free the Israelites, plagues came upon Egypt. One of the plagues described in Exodus10:14, 15: “And the locusts went up over all the land of Egypt, and rested in all the coasts of Egypt: very grievous were they; before them there were no such locusts as they, neither after them shall be such. For they covered the face of the whole earth, so that the land was darkened; and they did eat every herb of the land, and all the fruit of the trees which the hail had left: and there remained not any green thing in the trees, or in the herbs of the field, through all the land of Egypt.”

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A Post-Primary analysis from a Christian perspective

September 15, 2010

The aftermath of the Tuesday primaries across the country is being discussed and analyzed by all the pundits. Headlines say that TEA Party supported candidates scored big in New York and Delaware with New Hampshire still in the balance and added to victories in Utah, Nevada, Kentucky, Colorado and Alaska. Establishment Republicans–translated moderates and liberals–are beside themselves as they are seeing their grip on the party slip away to the unrefined, unsophisticated TEA Party neophytes. Democrats see their only hope in November of maintaining the socialist status quo being hoisted upon the dividing block between stubborn Republicans who will never support one another.

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Peace, Peace when there is no peace

September 4, 2010

Hurricane Earl is wrecking havoc on the East Coast of the United States. It is no mere coincidence that this is occurring at the very same time the White House is trying to force Israel back into peace talks with terrorists who vow in Arabic to destroy Israel and teach their children to hate Jews, but put suits and ties on for the American public and try to play the victim of warmongering Israelis. Does anyone recall that Katrina hit New Orleans about the same time the Bush Administration was trying to force Israel to give up land for peace? These so-called natural catastrophes occur nearly every time America tries to force Israel into giving up something to the terrorists for peace.

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Ground Zero Mosque countered with Ground Zero Christian Center

September 3, 2010

Bill Keller is this on fire-for-the-Lord internet evangelist who founded LivePrayer.com. I have known Bill for about five years and believe him to be a take-no-prisoners, Bible believing, Bible teaching man. He is not one to see a problem and cower away from it, he attacks it. He was criticized years ago for going on Howard Stern. But Bill handled Howard Stern and because of his appearances on Stern’s show, literally thousands came to the Lord, recommitted their lives to the Lord and thanked Bill for being so bold as to bring Christ to Stern’s airwaves. He has the emails and letters to prove it. Now Bill is off on another mission–to counter the Islamic Center and Mosque to be built near Ground Zero in New York.

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President to America: “Birth Certificate Plastered on My Forehead”

August 31, 2010

In an interview with NBC, the man who occupies the Oval Office said that polls indicating a third of Americans did not believe he was Christian and nearly a fifth believe he is a Muslim were the result of a misinformation campaign by his conservative enemies. Getting a bit indignant, he said, “I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.” Jesus said in Matthew 7:20, “Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them.” By supporting Islam over Israel; the building of an Islamic mosque near ground zero; appointing an inordinate number of Muslims to high government positions; and proposing spending tax dollars on remodeling mosques–the American people are getting the picture.

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Dealing With Definitions and Discernment of the End Times

August 26, 2010

The definition of propaganda is: chiefly derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view; the dissemination of such information as a political strategy. The definition of lie is: an intentionally false statement used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression. The definition truth is: that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality. Another definition of truth is: a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Hitler’s propagandist Joseph Goebbels is credited with stating that a lie spoken often enough will be believed as truth.

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Judge halts Administration’s tax funded destruction of human life

August 25, 2010

In a rare instance, a judge at a US District Court ruled in favor of life. Judge Royce Lamberth granted in Washington, DC a temporary injunction against an Executive Order by the man who occupies the Oval Office that illegally expanded a ban on using taxpayer money for embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research is illegal if federal money is used to destroy a human embryo. Under President Bush, federally financed research of embryos was limited to 21 cell lines already in existence by 2001. The current president issued an executive order that allowed federal money to be used on hundreds more stem cell lines, so long as donors signed consent forms.

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Ground Zero Mosque: A Prophetic fulfillment of Pauline Letter

August 19, 2010

In an interview on KCBS Radio, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for an investigation into those who oppose the building of a mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero of the 911 attacks by Muslim terrorists. Pelosi said, “There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.” So now all those who are expressing their disgust over this proposed Islamic monument to its 911 terrorist attacks should be investigated as to how they are getting their money. Some 68% of Americans oppose the mosque. That’s a lot of government investigation proposed by Pelosi.

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The prophecy of Ishmael and the Ground Zero Islamic Center

August 18, 2010

Some 68 percent of Americans do not want an Islamist center built near the hallowed ground zero of 911 where Muslims, carrying out the tenets of the Koran, killed nearly 3,000 innocent people. Crying religious freedom, even Hamas terrorist leaders are saying that Muslims should be able to worship wherever they please. And the man who occupies the Oval office has once again sided with the terrorists–he says its ok to build a mosque and Islamic center there. “Once again” because he has been doing it all along in supporting the Palestinian terrorist view of Israel, in extolling the virtues of Islam in official White House policy, and in refusing to control American borders, allowing terrorists in unabated.

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The False Prophets of Religious Freedom to Tyranny

August 17, 2010

Since September 11, 2001, both President George W. Bush and the man who currently occupies the Oval Office have been trying to convince Americans that Islam is a peaceful religion. Both hosted dinners either at the White House or the State Department celebrating Islamic holidays, especially Ramadan.

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Prophetic America: the coming persecution

August 9, 2010

Ten members of an International Assistance Mission, a Christian organization that has provided medical care to remote parts of Afghanistan on short term missions for 44 years, were summarily executed by the Taliban while returning to Kabul. Six of the group were Americans. Because they were medical personnel doing charity work, they had no security, no weapons, no armed guards. In claiming responsibility for the executions, a Taliban spokesman told The Associated Press that they killed the missionaries because they were “spying for the Americans” and “preaching Christianity.” A spokesman for the mission, however, said his organization is Christian, but does not proselytize.

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Prophetic Warnings of Isaiah: White House usurps Congress on Illegal Aliens

August 6, 2010

The National Review has made public a memo by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that proposes the White House use policy rather than legislation to allow millions of illegal aliens entry or residence in the United States. Shocking in this memo is that our own government is proposing to subvert Congress to actually allow even criminals and terrorists to enter into this country unabated.

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Apostasy in America Takes Front Stage During Inauguration

January 22, 2009

If one wishes to understand the direction of the nation, one only has to look at the prayers that were offered during the inauguration. The prayers reflected the man who occupies the Oval Office who told the nation, “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus – and non-believers.”

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The Abomination of Government-Sanctioned Heresy and Curses Upon America

January 20, 2009

Sunday, January 18 marked the beginning of the U.S. presidential inauguration. Kicking off the ceremonies at the Lincoln Memorial was homosexual activist and false minister of the gospel “Vickie” Eugene Robinson, the apostate Episcopalian.

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